Amonte Andrews | Copytalk

Amonte Andrews

Business Developer

Amonte Andrews began his career with Copytalk in 2004 as a transcriptionist.  Since then he has occupied many roles ranging from the Operations Manager within Operations business unit of Copytalk to a Software Engineer within IT department to his current role as Business Developer with a focus on technology integrations. 

Some of Amonte’s key accomplishments and contributions include:

– Launching two new production facilities within the Operations business unit.

– Developing business critical software to manage recruiting and personnel for the Operations business unit.

– Establishing the Custom Digiscribe service, which specializes in video transcription. 

– Developing the patent-pending Copytalker API, which allows any SAAS platform to embed and offer the Copytalk service directly to their clientele.

Amonte holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Florida.