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Copytalk’s mission is to provide industry-leading, secure transcription to professionals. We’ve worked diligently to control the environment where your work is processed, meet stringent regulatory guidelines, and structure our policies and service with the highest security in mind.

A Controlled Environment.

For accuracy and adaptability, Copytalk has always used human transcriptionists (we call them Scribes. One of the most important concerns in doing so is the environment that the transcriptionists operate under.


Managing security for any remote worker may be a challenge. From a risk management perspective, this challenge is magnified when you’re considering a large pool of home-based workers with access to potentially sensitive information. Overseas operations further complicate the scenario, in that it may be more difficult to verify security expectations. Also, these workers may operate under a different legal framework.


For all of these reasons, Copytalk Scribes are all in controlled facilities based in the U.S., which are both more auditable and more easily managed from a security perspective.

Regulatory Requirements

Transcription services often involve the dictation of personally-identifiable information or potentially protected health information, all of which may carry with them legal or regulatory requirements.


Copytalk has controls in place to ensure compliance with
201 CMR 17 (Massachusetts)

Data Use

A number of services are available that offer voice to text, each operating under a different business model. When evaluating any service–but especially one that is low cost or “free”– you should consider the value of your dictated data and whether that data is being used to subsidize the service. Specifically, you should ask whether dictated information is used only directly and as needed to deliver transcriptions.

At Copytalk, customer dictations are classified as the highest level of confidentiality. Scribes don’t have access to subscriber information, and only have the dictation itself as long as it takes to transcribe. In addition, Copytalk only stores transcriptions for 60 days, then purges your data to help preserve your privacy.

See our Privacy Policy for more.

Customizable Security Options

Copytalk has developed several methods for delivering your transcriptions to help meet the compliance needs of your business. You can have the content of your transcription emailed to you, receive an email notification that your work is complete (after which you can retrieve your work from our secure website, where you can copy/paste, print, or download your work), or you may be able to have the work sent directly into your CRM. Website communications are encrypted with SSL, and email communications are sent encrypted with TLS*.


Copytalk is open to engaging with corporate clients to further customize the security requirements for accounts. Contact Copytalk at (866) 267-9825 and ask about our Executive Program for more information on the options available.


* Your company’s email server must support TLS for the email to be encrypted