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We hear you, financial advisors


Who said what? Talk till sunset and leave the typing to us.

Memorialize your client conversations. Securely. Accurately. Cost efficiently.

“Leadership is a conversation,” says the Harvard Business Review.


It is, indeed. But conversations that go uncaptured won’t lead anyone anywhere.


Copytalk delivers to enterprises precisely what they need to make the most of their conferences, meetings, and impromptu conversations: transcriptions that are thorough, accurate, and cost-efficient; prepared and delivered by means of technology that safeguards your security and protects your privacy.


Security and privacy? There’s a difference! While voice-to-text services may be secure, they reserve the right to mine your data. Copytalk uses your dictated information only directly, and as needed, to create transcriptions. Our transcriptionists can’t access subscriber information and have the dictation for only as long as it takes to transcribe. We purge your data after 60 days.

Enterprises value consistency – standardized excellence – and that’s what we deliver: transcriptions that are consistently accurate and crisply formatted, securely produced, and offered at preferred pricing. 


Copytalk is best-in-class technology – the technology of conversation capture. 

And like all enterprise technology companies, we offer integration – the ability to embed in your workflows through a dashboard icon or CRM application. Why? To make compliant documentation a part of your workflow, not an afterthought.   

Senior couple meeting financial adviser for investment