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Copytalk® Expands Enterprise Integration

SARASOTA, Fla., April 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Copytalk®, the leading provider of secure mobile transcription services, announces the expansion of its existing Enterprise and Client Resource Management (CRM) integration opportunities. Part of Copytalk’s appeal is its versatility and adaptability to compliance and technological requirements. Direct integrations provide targeted, effective responses to those ongoing, sometimes breakneck, shifts.

In an effort to better leverage their core strength of pairing convenience with compliance, Copytalk is actively pursuing partnerships with and fielding inquiries from preferred CRM platforms. Going forward, existing and potential enterprise relationships are also undergoing evaluation to optimize a cohesive, secure channel for delivering client information.

Copytalk’s strong foundation of integrations with several leading CRM platforms includes Redtail Technologies, SmartOffice, Advisors Assistant, Wealthbox and Salesforce. They encourage both new and established CRM platforms to reach out and take advantage of the added value Copytalk transcription brings for capturing client data.

Additionally, Copytalk has developed an array of specialized enterprise services to expand the scope of client compliance needs. Domain restrictions, Single Sign On (SSO) support, and bespoke password policies are just a few of the customizations available to enterprise clients. Copytalk wants to engage fully with existing clients to best meld streamlined workflow with individual client policy requirements. Copytalk welcomes new enterprise clients to take advantage of existing offerings as well as to be part of the exciting challenges their own, unique needs offer.

About Copytalk® – Life Securely Noted

Copytalk® has provided industry-leading, secure transcription services to financial services and prominent financial institutions since 2001. We are the leader in mobile transcription services. Our clients can call the dictation service from any phone or use our smartphone app. Copytalk’s secure facilities utilize our experts to transcribe our client’s notes and, within a few hours, send a copy to the industry professional via secure, encrypted email or directly into our customer’s CRMs. Simply dial Copytalk® to dictate meeting details, to do lists, reminders, email drafts, or any other information needing to be captured.

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