The Story of Us ~ Part 7 in a Series A Day in the Life of a Transcriptionist | Copytalk

The Story of Us ~ Part 7 in a Series A Day in the Life of a Transcriptionist

On August 21st, 2017, a group of our Copytalk, LLC scribes stood outside, looking up at the sky through specialty glasses. Our Athens office was privileged enough to experience 99 percent of the rare total solar eclipse sailing across the sky that day, and our office celebrated in style. There were glasses available for those who wanted to enjoy the show, as well as refreshments for all. 

Astronomical events aren’t the only time that you can find our scribes gathering around communal food and taking part in different office activities. In fact, our offices try to show our employees at least once a month that they’re appreciated by hosting these events. Here at Copytalk, LLC, we know you are depending on us to be able to get your transcripts back to you in a timely manner, and there is no way we could do that without our scribes. So we like to show them that we care. 

Our events usually have themes, and they can take place on- or offsite. Some notable activities are the Equinox Your Socks Off, where in celebration of the spring equinox, scribes were encouraged to wear and display their craziest, silliest socks. There was also a Thai Dye Day, where scribes brought in an item of clothing they could tie-dye and Thai dishes were served. Our annual Halloween costume contest is an office favorite, and the everyone’s favorite skeleton, Greggory, comes out to join the festivities, and sometimes he even stays past Halloween! 

Scribes get to celebrate their birthdays with us, too. One day every month, we gift the scribes whose birthdays fall in that month with a cupcake of their choice. Scribes who aren’t fond of cupcakes can request other items. We’ve happily delivered macarons and croissants, and even an avocado — but that was just one time.

At Copytalk, LLC, we know that our most valuable resource is our wonderful employees, and we like to take time out to appreciate them. However, we don’t stop at sugar rushes and snack foods. In fact, each of our U.S. based operations offices experienced our executive management team presenting the “Tour de Copytalk” to listen to our concerns, suggestions and tools that could improve productivity, and ways we wish to create new experiences for our office environments. More on that on another day!

We do all of this so that we can continue to serve you, our clients, at a high level. Our corporate culture is inclusive, compassionate, and respectful of the time that our employees spend with us. We try to make their work lives better because they’re a large part of who we are, and they’re the reason that we’re able to do what we do as well as we do it.