The Story of Us ~ Part 6 in a Series A Day in the Life of a Transcriptionist | Copytalk

The Story of Us ~ Part 6 in a Series A Day in the Life of a Transcriptionist

Copytalk is the only transcription service specially managed and engineered to meet the financial service industry’s uniquely rigorous standard of accuracy and privacy in the recording of dictated client-meeting notes and the preparation & delivery of transcriptions.

The stakes are high: Even advisors who beat Warren Buffet’s returns would be fired if they breached the privacy of client conversations or if their meeting notes showed a tendency to misplace decimal points. So how to document client meetings and phone calls — as required by internal protocols and external regulations — while ensuring their privacy and accuracy?

At the root of Copytalk’s business model is an ironclad proposition: All transcriptions are prepared by live, U.S. facilities-based transcriptionists working at locked-down workstations within one of Copytalk’s securely managed facilities. These strict protocols ensure security, privacy, and quality control.

This obsession with privacy and accuracy stands in stark contrast to the vulnerabilities of popular speech-to-text software, whose providers reserve the right to mine user data in violation of privacy. On the other end of the spectrum, live transcription typically fares no better: Most of it is prepared outside the U.S. by transcriptionists working at home with no oversight — a failing that compromises privacy and accuracy.

Based in Sarasota, FL., Copytalk’s services meet the broad need for documentation. Mobile Scribe records and transcribes dictation on the go; Digiscribe transcribes everything from meeting notes to uploaded media; Enterprise records and transcribes notes from conferences, meetings, and impromptu meetings.

Fintech Integration embeds Copytalk services into fintech offerings; and Closed-Captioning produces bottom-of-the-screen captions for television shows, movies, and educational svideos.

“We’ve seen a rising emphasis on the importance of transcriptions,” says Copytalk CEO Maree Moscati, a financial-services veteran and among the few CEOs certified as a Third-Party Risk Professional.

“It’s as if, if a meeting isn’t documented, it didn’t happen!”