The Story of Us ~ Part 3 in a Series A Day in the Life of a Transcriptionist | Copytalk

The Story of Us ~ Part 3 in a Series A Day in the Life of a Transcriptionist

So many times, we see the words privacy and security lumped together, especially when we talk about technology. It’s easy, then, to think of them as a single idea, when in fact, they’re two very distinct concepts. In 2018, both privacy and security mean a lot to you, our clients, and to your clients, whom we protect by extension.

Let’s break down these two components with a visual. Your bedroom window is a great example of a place where you would want both privacy and security. For privacy, hang a curtain rod and pull it shut. This stops anyone from looking inside, but it won’t stop anyone from getting inside. You need the window lock to add security. Together, a lock and a curtain provide security and privacy to your bedroom, and they function as a team.

At Copytalk LLC, we have spent a huge amount of our resources on building a team that protects your and your clients by securing your data and keeping it private. When it comes to privacy, Copytalk LLC uses some standard practices to collect information about you, our user, such as asking for identifying information, credit card details, and utilizing log files and cookies to improve your experience with our suite of products. This is all done in an attempt to get to know you and anticipate your needs, but we don’t sell this information or give it away for free. We keep it private and to ourselves, and we take steps to keep anyone from accessing it without our consent.

But Copytalk LLC has to take it one step further when we deal with privacy and security because we know that our service, by its very nature, may require you to disclose some of your clients’ personal information like account numbers, birth and death dates, insurance policy information, and sometimes even health issues or family matters. We know you have a personal relationship with your clients, and we don’t want to do anything that would violate the trust you have worked to create.

Aside from routinely testing our software programs to make sure they are as watertight as possible, we know that security doesn’t always come in the form of binary code. Each of our offices is a secure location with door codes that are updated routinely, sign in-and-out procedures, and cameras. In addition, our scribes are not allowed to have their phones or any storage device near them when they are scribing. This protects you by making sure no employee is writing down account numbers or transferring data wirelessly.

Our scribes see zero identifying information about you, and they only receive the information about your clients that you choose to share. Some advisors will only dictate a first name and last initial of a client, or only provide the last few digits of an account number. Other advisors feel comfortable leaving the entire account number or client’s date of birth. Part of the reason they can do this is because our scribes only have access to their audio file for the time it takes them to transcribe it, and Copytalk LLC only keeps files for 60 days. They’re then purged to protect everyone’s privacy and security.

We know how crucial it is in this field to ensure the highest quality of protection for our clients. At Copytalk LLC, we’ll lock the window, draw the curtain, and get you a polished transcription that keeps you in compliance with your own privacy and security regulations.