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Hear and Persevere: Inspiring Stories of Dynamic Women – Angela Davis Dogan

I had the privilege of meeting Angela Dogan about eight years ago at my first Shared Assessments Summit in Washington, D.C. Angela is one of those people who is a magnet to attract people to her. Her inviting smile and huge personality make her a very sought out professional in the area of Enterprise Risk Management. Over the years, Angela never ceases to amaze me on her many accomplishments and now her entrepreneurial spirit in starting her own firm, Davis Dogan Fiduciary Services, LLC!

I am honored to present Angela’s journey via our video conversation.

– Maree Moscati, CEO,  Copytalk

Angela Davis Dogan


Founder & CEO, Davis Dogan Advisory Services, LLC


Angela is a Doctoral Student in Information Technology and Founder & CEO of Davis Dogan Advisory Services where her expertise in the management and implementation of Enterprise and Third-Party Risk Management Programs is guiding enterprises and public sector organizations.

Angela has spent the last 16 years enabling leading financial services organizations to address third-party cybersecurity and business risks in successful, programmatic ways. She serves on the Steering Committee of the member-led Shared Assessments Program, aiding in the development of standardized resources which are now widely used in third party risk assurance. She also chairs the organization’s Standardized Control Assessment (SCA) Committee.

Angela also serves on the Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Controls Matrix Working Group where she has assisted in efforts to further enhance their cloud security framework for the past 5 years.

Angela spends most of her personal time mentoring and inspiring youth across the southeast region of the US in the field of Cybersecurity. Everything she does is done through the lens of each one teaches one and be the change you want to see. She served for a number of years as an active member, Director of Corporate Events, and eventually President of the International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals (ICMCP). During her time with the organization, she developed the organization’s k-12 initiative as well as mentored several of its members. Bringing awareness to the need for women in tech as well as other minorities is her life-long mission.

2018 CSA Ron Knode Service Award,
2018 ICMCP Dedication and Service Award,
2019 Top 30 Most Admired Minority Cybersecurity Professionals,
2019 ICMCP Outstanding Mentor Award,
2019 Shared Assessments Program Evangelist Award.